Work From Home - Tips & Best practices to improve Efficiency & Productivity

26 May. 2020

Work from home tip

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought much uncertainty in our lives today. It has not only caused personal losses and disaster but has catastrophically affected business worldwide. The world economy has gone for a toss with businesses impacted severely.

With social distancing being the only solution as of now to contain the rapid spread of the virus, businesses have been warming up to the idea of offering their employees work from home facilities to curb future potential losses that can occur. These challenging times have compelled organizations to think from a completely different perspective and consider remote working as the best solution for achieving business continuity. While TCS has accepted that working from home is the ‘new normal’, Google also has announced that most of its employees will work remotely until 2021.

Like any new technology or working model, working from home also has its pros and cons. Working from home not only helps in keeping the businesses afloat but has also often resulted in enhanced performances bringing increased productivity and a greater work-life balance. For some, working from home may be great in many aspects, but on the flip side, it can be problematic for others as they have to put in extra efforts to cater to both personal and professional needs. Some may have to tend to ailing parents while some may have to babysit kids, all while working from home. But on an average, a majority of people prefer working from home as per the below graph.

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Although working from home can tend to make you lazy, it is important to not let that working vigour vanish from inside. Let us have a look at some work from home tips & best practices that can help you in avoiding distractions and increase productivity.

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Work From Home Tip #1 - Stay Motivated & Set Priorities

Working from home forces you to strike a balance between home and office work. Hence, staying enthusiastic about work by setting priorities right from the beginning is very essential. Start early. Create a mindset that you are actually going to the office. Wake up at your regular hours; don’t spend too much time on breakfast. Prepare a detailed to-do list of tasks for the entire day along with estimated time to complete and check against every task completed at the EOD. This helps you gauge your productivity and time management.

Work From Home Tip #2 - Choose a dedicated work space at home

Choosing a suitable, permanent work area at home for work is a very essential work from home tip. Do not keep changing places every now and then; this could hamper concentration and lessen productivity. Sitting in a comfortable position in an ergonomically erect posture, with your back properly supported by a backrest minus any strain helps you be more attentive and interested in work. If music helps you concentrate more, surround yourself with some soothing music that can ward off the lethargy.

Work From Home Tip #3 - Set realistic work hours with dedicated breaks

Unlike the office, it is impossible to do a 9 to 6 job at home. There will be distractions, there will be disturbances and other personal priorities. If you have to clock 9 login hours, divide your timings accordingly to balance home and office work. It does not necessarily have to be continuous as in office; you can work for 5 hrs in the morning and 4 hrs in the evening as per your convenience. But make sure that you give your 100% during those 9 hours. Communicate your work timings with your family so that they schedule their priority tasks with you considering your availability. Fix your break timings and ensure that you don’t prolong them at any cost - like a 10 min coffee break or a half an hour lunch break.

Work From Home Tip #4 - Distance yourself from Social Media & TV

This is one of the most important work from home tips. Social Media is the biggest distraction in today’s world. You could call it a vicious circle when subconsciously one click can lead you to an infinite loop of browsing and surfing. Although you do not intend to cling on to it, you get trapped in it and by the time you realize, you have spent tons of time on it already, causing significant time delay in work. Similarly, eliminate the habit of working in front of the TV or around a lot of noise. Make a habit of catching up with social media only during your breaks. Mute your notifications that disturb constantly, if possible and if not required.

Work From Home Tip #5 - Be connected with team members

Those small gossip sessions (ofcourse healthy gossip) with your colleagues or team members are certainly energy boosters. While in office, you shared the same cubicle and it was not difficult to have a quick chat with him/her during work, at home, of course you cannot be connected to them everyday. Make it a point to be in touch with them at least once or twice a week to freshen up your mind. Learn from their experience, give your work from home tips. Collaborating and sharing thoughts in an instant energy activator and makes you more excited for work.

Work from home tip best practices

Work From Home Tips - Conclusion

Yes, working from home is tougher than what we expect. The thought of being in the comfort of our homes without having to commute everyday to the office surely is exciting for most of us, but after a certain period of time, it tends to get monotonous and boring. We long for a change of place, we wish for a breath of fresh air, we miss our workstations, we miss our colleagues. But whether you are working from home out of choice or out of compulsion, it remains important that you always be proactive and productive. Now that your boss is not around, it is obvious that you laze around for some time, but that should not make you less responsible towards your work. Be honest and committed to your responsibilities and ensure that you complete your targets. After all, if your company and boss has trusted you by offering a work from home facility, it is also your duty to give it back to the company in these trying times. We have to be true and honest with each other, always.

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