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Sajan is MIT Pune alumnus with 10+ years of experience in the IT industry on Technology and Business side. Before Cakesoft Sajan has worked with companies like Zensar Technologies Limited, country's first CMMI Level 5 company and ICS Mumbai. For his exceptional analytical and strategic thought process, Sajan has been a key advisor to CEOs & Top-Management of these companies that brings-in out-of-the-box solutions and assured results. CakeSoft benefits from Sajan's unique blend of Technology, Business Development, Marketing and Strategy experience.

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Utkarsh has 12+ years of experience in applications software development and management. Before joining CakeSoft, he was working with Infosys, country's leading software company. During his 3 years long journey at Infosys, he has worked for Apple on their products used globally by Apple associates including carriers. At CakeSoft he leads web & mobile application development team.

Founders Emeritus

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Arpit is Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT-B) alumnus (India's #1 institute in technology sector) and has 15+ years of experience in the IT industry. He started his career with Marvell Semiconductor as an engineer & researcher in wireless communication R&D department. He has worked on various chips that went into core products branded by Apple, Sony, Samsung, HP, BlackBerry and BMW. He went to University of Maryland College Park for pursuing his PhD. His entrepreneurial aspirations made him take dropout from PhD and grow his software services companies. Since then, he has helped & guided several start-ups as well as multi-national companies with the product development. He also co-founded UPTIQ Inc., a fintech SaaS start-up with $12m in seed funding.

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Sandhya is Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS) Pilani alumus (one of the India's top 10 institutes in technology sector) and has 12+ years of experience in the IT industry. Before forming CakeSoft, she was working with Infosys, country's leading software company. She is also among Goldman Sachs 10K global women entrepreneurs with leadership program from Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIM-B).