Top NFT projects on the Polygon (Matic) network

10 Oct. 2021

top nft projects on the polygon matic network

As we know, the NFT phenomenon has captured crypto space like crazy. Investors and companies alike, have jumped onto this NFT bandwagon and have been earning numerous profits and rewards. In our previous blog on Applications of NFT, we saw how NFTs can be created in every field/industry. has always been the first choice when it comes to building dApps for NFT. But Ethereum has high gas fees plus scalability has always been a major challenge with the platform.

We read how Polygon/Matic, an L2 scaling platform on Ethereum, has mitigated these challenges and has brought the much needed scalability and instant throughput to projects. Hence, many existing NFT projects have shifted base to Polygon/Matic and many new ones have started development on the Polygon/Matic network.

Today in this blog, we will see the best and most popular NFT projects built on the Polygon/Matic network.

best nft projects on the polygon matic network

NFT project #1 on Polygon/Matic : Decentraland

Decentraland is a user-owned, Ethereum-based virtual marketplace where users play, explore, and interact with games and activities. Not only that, users can also purchase plots of land, which are represented using Non-Fungible tokens (NFT). On this land, they can build their own environments, marketplaces, and applications. The plots are assigned locations, have an owner, and have proper descriptions. It is a marketplace which stocks the best digital goods in the form of land and estates. Decentraland project has the ‘MANA’ ERC-20 token and ‘LAND’ ERC-721 token. Decentraland is available on the Polygon/Matic network.

You can understand more about Decentraland here : Decentraland

NFT project #2 on Polygon/Matic : Aavegotchi

Again built on Ethereum, Aavegotchi is a platform that enables users to farm digital collectibles in lieu of staking their GHST tokens. It runs on the Aave protocol. The tokens are classified based on differentiating features like body color, personality etc. The owner of the GHST token has the authority to liquidate the token at any point of time as he has staked it. But, liquidating the NFT i.e. the GHST token, means the Aavegotchi is also lost. Owners can indulge in yield farming on the platform and earn staking rewards. Polygon/Matic network hosts the Aavegotchi application.

Learn more about the Aavegotchi platform here : Aavegotchi

NFT project #3 on Polygon/Matic : MurAll

True to its name, MurAll is a platform that brings together artists from across the globe to draw and paint. To participate in the initiative, artists have to first collect PAINT tokens and then pay using the same token. Once PAINT tokens are deposited, the artist can draw on the giant canvas. After the painting is completed, the platform creates a NFT of the picture. NFT of the artworks guarantees uniqueness and authenticity that the work is original. MurAll can be found on the Polygon/Matic network.

Want to know more, visit their website : MurAll

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NFT project #4 on Polygon/Matic : Cargo

The Cargo platform is not specific to the trading of a particular NFT token but provides a myriad of services like NFT arts, gaming objects, event tickets, different access tokens and many other items. It is an all-in-one platform and has also introduced a latest mechanism called community curation. Cargo Gems are ERC-20 tokens that can be used for various purposes on the Cargo platform. Due to Ethereum’s high gas fees, Cargo is now available on the Polygon/Matic network.

Here’s the link to the Cargo NFT platform : Cargo NFT

NFT project #5 on Polygon/Matic : OpenSea

OpenSea has been recognized as the first and largest NFT trading platform. Similar to Cargo, OpenSea is open to the trading of several NFTs including art, collectibles, games, domain names etc. They also claim to have the lowest fees in the NFT space including no service fees to the buyers while other platforms charge so. OpenSea does not possess users’ assets but only facilitates peer-to-peer exchanges by providing the required infrastructure. As it is the first and the largest NFT platform, thousands of users have flocked to it and many are making their entry. Hence, OpenSea has migrated to the Polygon/Matic network.

You can visit the project website at OpenSea

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NFT project #6 on Polygon/Matic : Arkane network

Arkane is basically a wallet provider that attempts to build an open network between users, dApps and the entire blockchain platform. It helps users connect to multiple blockchains in a safe and transparent way via a set of developer tools such as SDK’s and API’s. With easily available tools, users can create Fungible and Non-Fungible Tokens and engage in selling, buying and transfer of these tokens. Arkane Network is part of the Polygon/Matic network.

Check more about the project at Arkane network

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NFT project #7 on Polygon/Matic : Stater Finance

A P2P lending and borrowing platform, Stater Finance allows users to deposit their NFT assets as collateral and get access to liquidity. In this process, the ownership of the users’ NFT is retained by the owner. It provides lenders various risk mitigation options like providing opportunities like pool lending, providing value to latent capital etc thus paving a new source of creating money. Users can now access Stater on Polygon/Matic.

Stater’s official website is Stater Finance

NFT project #8 on Polygon/Matic : Valuables

In our blog on use-cases of NFT, we had seen how even tweets are sold as NFTs. Valuables, by Cent, is one such unique project that sells Twitter tweets. Tweets are converted into NFT tokens and are sold on the platform with digitally authorized signatures from the owner of the tweet. The project is widely used by stars/sports persons and their fandom. Fans collect tweets of their favourite stars as autographs. Polygon/Matic network proudly hosts the Valuables app as well.

Do check Valuables project on this link : Valuables

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