What is MERN Stack?

14 Nov. 2019

what is mern stack

Despite the fact that technology keeps advancing every day, users are never satisfied with it. Users are getting smarter and hence, there is an ever growing demand for more enriching and seamless experiences, when it comes to web and mobile applications. Developers are burning the midnight oil in order to fulfill user requirements, by trying to develop more interactive and responsive applications.

To build enhanced websites or applications, developers have shunned the traditional JavaScript and HTML methodologies and are approaching advanced technology stacks like MEAN and MERN.

Our last blog covered the MEAN stack and its benefits. In this article, lets understand what is MERN stack, what are its features and also the differences between MEAN and MERN and which one to choose?

What is MERN Stack?

MERN is the acronym for MongoDB, Express JS, React JS and Node JS. The MERN stack is a combination of the above technologies, all based on JavaScript, used to build advanced web applications. It is an open source full stack development framework i.e. it provides entire front-end to back-end development components. While MongoDB, Express JS and Node JS are the common components (between MEAN and MERN); Angular JS is replaced by React JS in MERN.

what is mern stack architecture

1. MongoDB:

-MongoDB is an open source, cross platform, NoSql DBMS.

-It is a document oriented database, which means that data is saved using collections and documents, instead of tables and rows, like in a relational database. This makes possible easier and faster data integration within applications.

-MongoDB stores the data in binary JSON format that allows the fast exchange of data between client and server.

-MongoDB can be used for the storage of large volumes of data, which makes it highly scalable.

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2. Express JS:

-Express JS is a modular, lightweight framework of the Node JS, that helps in building web applications.

-It is a server side, back-end, JavaScript based framework, that is designed to write simplified, fast and secure applications.

-It can be assumed that Express JS, runs on top of the Node JS, managing the server and its routes.

3. React JS:

-React JS is an open source JavaScript library used to build user interfaces, typically for single page applications.

-React JS enables developers to modify/edit and refresh the page to view the changes without having to restart or reload the page.

-React JS offers the facility of code reusability on multiple platforms.

-It is fast and scalable.

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4. Node JS:

-Node JS is an open-source, cross platform, JavaScript runtime environment.

-It is designed to run the JavaScript code outside the browser, on the server side.

-Node JS accesses the Node Package Manager (NPM), that hosts a large number of private and public packages, and is as well utilized for publishing Node JS projects.

-It is based on the event-driven, non-blocking I/O model.

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What is MERN Stack - Advantages

With MongoDB under its hood for higher scalability, Express JS for speed enhancements, JavaScript as its primary language for end-to-end development, MERN is one of the best full stack development suites after MEAN.

React JS is the best when it comes to UI layer abstraction. It provides the best-in-class tools for faster code development. While React is only a library, it gives you the freedom to build the application and organize the code the way you want, by providing the necessary tools. Hence, it is better than Angular in terms of UI rendering and performance.

What is MERN Stack and how is it different from MEAN stack?

what is mern stack mean vs mern

While both MERN and MEAN are similar w.r.t MongoDB, Express and Node, the only difference is the front-end framework, React in MERN and Angular in MEAN.

-React is a library that helps you build dynamic user interfaces. It is a repository of tools and functions that can be accessed to design, build and render the UI components. React is the best when it comes to controlling the state of events, when there is a large amount of dynamic data to be updated. Since React is just a library, it is the developer’s responsibility to maintain the code and application and hence often remains unorganized, as opposed to Angular’s systematic codebase.

-Angular is an MVC framework, having a specific system architecture. This enforces the code and application to be well organized, therefore easy to maintain. Angular follows the two way data binding model which makes it difficult to handle change events, for large volume of data.

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What is MERN Stack - Conclusion

It’s eventually the developer’s prerogative to choose between MEAN and MERN, depending upon the nature and requirements of the application to be built. Both MEAN and MERN are solid frameworks for developing interactive and advanced dynamic user applications.

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