Blockchain and MEAN Stack Development - An Ideal Union

10 Nov. 2019

Mean Stack Development

Over the years, Blockchain has become the buzzword in technology and industry verticals alike. Recognizing its potential, many businesses are integrating Blockchain in their systems to overcome critical technical challenges.

However, what one needs to understand is that while Blockchain is the fundamental structure on which an application is built, there arises a need of a strong technical framework for developing and deploying the application on a Blockchain network.

One such powerful framework that can help build a robust application, is the MEAN Stack development tool.

Let us understand the MEAN Stack development tool in depth , what are its benefits and also find out how Blockchain and MEAN Stack development together can change the face of business?

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What is MEAN in MEAN Stack Development?

MEAN basically stands for MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS and Node JS. The MEAN Stack development suite is an end-to-end, JavaScript based set of open-source components used for building dynamic web applications. The fact that the MEAN Stack development tool is completely written in JavaScript, from client to server to database, is its biggest advantage.

1. MongoDB:

Mean Stack Development - MongoDB

-MongoDB is an open source, cross platform, NoSql DBMS.

-It is a document oriented database, which means that data is saved using collections and documents, instead of tables and rows, like in a relational database. This makes possible, easier and faster data integration within applications.

-MongoDB stores the data in binary JSON format that allows the fast exchange of data between client and server.

-MongoDB can be used for the storage of large volumes of data, which makes it highly scalable.

(Glance through our blog on MongoDB for more details.)

2. Express JS:

Mean Stack Development - Express JS

-Express JS is a modular, lightweight framework of the Node JS, that helps in building web applications.

-It is a server side, back-end, JavaScript based framework, that is designed to write simplified, fast and secure applications.

-It can be assumed that Express JS, runs on top of the Node JS, managing the server and its routes.

Angular JS:

Mean Stack Development - Angular JS

-AngularJS is a structural, open-source, JavaScript based front-end framework.

-Angular JS is based on the MVC structure.

-It facilitates the dynamic usage of the application by allowing the JavaScript code to be executed in the user’s browser.

-AngularJS allows using HTML as its template language, while also allowing extensive HTML syntax.

-It offers several features like data binding, thereby reducing code redundancy.

Node JS:

Mean Stack Development - Node JS

-Node JS is an open-source, cross platform, JavaScript runtime environment.

-It is designed to run the JavaScript code outside the browser, on the server side.

-Node JS accesses the Node Package Manager (NPM), that hosts a large number of private and public packages, and is as well utilized for publishing Node JS projects.

-It is based on the event-driven, non-blocking I/O model.

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Benefits of MEAN Stack Development

-One of the many advantages of the MEAN Stack development is its platform independence. While other applications may force you to use a certain server or a database, the MEAN Stack development tool is independent of any server, client or database obligations.

-Applications built using the MEAN stack development suite are highly scalable, as it uses the MongoDB, which is specialized to handle large volumes of data.

-The entire MEAN Stack development is based on JavaScript, which eases interaction between end-to-end components i.e. client and server. JavaScript, is an easy-to-use programming language, which offers code-reusability. Also, it reduces cost overheads as hiring only JavaScript technical expertise would suffice, who can be involved in full stack development.

-Since almost all components of the MEAN stack development suite are open-source, accessing codes of all the components is easier for any modifications or changes.

-MEAN Stack development components are super-flexible and highly performing with regards to speed.

Mean Stack Development - benefits

Integration of Blockchain and MEAN Stack Development

In our previous blogs, we saw how Blockchain provides a decentralized, immutable and tamper-proof robust framework, that is an essential prerequisite for any system. Data is stored across the network on each peer, therefore, is secure and safe. Distributed collaboration is simple and handling transactions is easy. Due to its tamper-proof structure, any manipulation on the Blockchain network is impossible and subsequently any probability of hacking is equivalent to zero. Its unique architecture that makes data immutable, complete with cryptographic hashing techniques, is an additional perk. Tracking even a small event is not a difficult task as history of all records safely reside on the Blockchain.

The Mean Stack development framework, as we saw above, is highly scalable, flexible and fast performing for web applications. It is cross platform, has a well-defined structure for effective and easy interaction between the components.

The integration of Blockchain and MEAN Stack will help build and maintain a secure, robust and seamless application that is user-friendly and error-free. By leveraging the benefits of Blockchain and the MEAN Stack development suite, any business can be taken to the next level!

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