Smart Contracts on Ethereum vs Hyperledger vs Tron

22 Dec. 2020

smart contracts on ethereum vs hyperledger vs tron main

If Blockchain is the body, then smart contracts are the spine of that body. Smart contracts are the strongest pillars of any Blockchain platform. They automate the most complex processes due to which a lot of effort, cost and time can be saved. They simplify the task, increase the efficiency and provide security and reliability.

While the main crux and working of smart contracts remain the same on any Blockchain platform, there still are few differences in how they work on different networks. In this blog, let us see how smart contracts execute on Ethereum, Hyperledger and Tron blockchains.

Before looking at the differences, we assume that you know what smart contracts are and how they work and also a brief idea about Ethereum, Hyperledger and Tron.

Smart Contracts on Ethereum Blockchain

-Ethereum provides the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) as an environment where dApps and smart contracts within these applications can execute.

-Typically, smart contracts on Ethereum are written using Solidity Programming language.

-The EVM converts the Solidity code into a machine understandable code to execute the instructions.

-To process any transaction in Ethereum, a combined fee of Gas and Ether is required.
The amount of gas and Ether is calculated depending upon the amount of computation.

-Every transaction is assigned a maximum gas limit. In case a transaction completes before the gas limit allotted, the remaining unused gas is refunded.

-Ethereum smart contracts can be developed for a number of applications including Finance, Retail, Insurance, voting and tons of others. One of the biggest examples would be UBS launching an Ethereum based platform for compliance.. Well, that is just one example.

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Smart Contracts on Hyperledger Blockchain

smart contracts on ethereum vs hyperledger vs tron architecture

-In Hyperledger, applications run on a special smart-contract code system called the Chain Code, where every participant runs the chaincode in Docker containers.

-Smart contracts are packed in a chaincode and then deployed to a blockchain network. Chain Codes govern smart contracts which govern transactions.

-A single chain code can contain multiple smart contracts.

-The chain code has to be defined first in order to execute the smart contracts inside it. A default majority of members approve this chain code definition after which the chain code is committed.

-Hyperledger necessitates the Hyperledger Endorsement policy to be applied on each smart contract. This contains information of the organizations that can validate a transaction generated by the smart contract.

-Smart contracts on Hyperledger are written in Go, Java and JavaScript languages.

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Smart Contracts on Tron Blockchain

-Smart Contracts on Tron work more or less similar to Ethereum.

-The TRON protocol is established on the network to facilitate the execution of smart contracts.

-While TRX is the main currency of the Tron Blockchain, Sun is the equivalent of Gas in Ethereum.

-Contracts written in Solidity are compatible within the Tron ecosystem hence smart contracts written for Ethereum can be slightly modified to be executed on Tron.

-The Tron smart contract MLM software deploys the smart contracts on Tron blockchain.

-Tron MLM is a ready to use deployment package that manages functions like user registration, payment processing, user rewards, etc.

Learn more about Tron smart contracts in this link.

smart contracts on ethereum vs hyperledger vs tron

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