What is Google Firebase?

26 Nov. 2019

What is Google Firebase

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If you are into the world of stocks and shares, checking the status of the stock market (for eg:- NYSE or the BSE) should be an everyday chore for you. The change in data in stock market is swift and uncertain. These rapid and constant changes have to be tracked, recorded, managed and displayed in real-time, as this data is being watched and followed by millions of people world-over.

Real-time database is a database system that uses real-time processing to handle situations like described above. One such powerful real-time database, is the Google Firebase.

But Firebase is not exactly a database, rather it is an entire app development platform. So then, how does it act as a database that manages real-time computing?

In this article, we will learn exactly what is Google Firebase, what are the different services it offers and what makes it beneficial over other databases or app development platforms?

What is Google Firebase?

Firebase was initially designed by Firebase, Inc in 2011, which was later acquired by Google in 2014, hence it is now referred to as Google Firebase.

What is Google Firebase definition

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-Google Firebase is a web and mobile application development platform that provides services and tools to develop dynamic and responsive apps.

-Firebase not only gives a framework to create the apps, but also has powerful tools to improve the quality of the app and enhance business.

-Firebase offers a real-time database as a back-end service. The connection between the database and the application, is carried out by means of its APIs and SDKs.

-Firebase provides a full-fledged platform for building iOS, Android as well as web applications.

-Firebase completely eliminates the need for server-side programming.

It is widely used alongside React Native and Flutter to build beautiful and dynamic mobile apps. The real-time database is one of the many useful services provided by the Google Firebase. Below explained in brief are all the tools and services Firebase offers, as a complete framework to build mobile and web apps.

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What is Google Firebase services?

What is Google Firebase services

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What is Google Firebase services comprised of? It can be divided into two high-level sections,

1. Services to develop and test the app
2. Services to grow and invite more business

Services to develop and test the app

What is Google Firebase Real-time database?

The real-time database provided by Firebase is a NoSQL, cloud database that stores data in JSON format. Since data is stored, processed and shared between users in real time, the database always provides synchronized data across users. Firebase facilitates the storage of data in a local cache whenever a user goes offline; the user receives updated and synchronized data from the cache, once he/she is online. All these features are handled by Firebase itself, without the need of any server.

What is Google Firebase Authentication?

Google Firebase allows you to access readily available libraries and SDKs for user authentication process. There are several methods of user verification that Firebase provides like Google, Twitter, Facebook, GitHub etc as well as basic email and password login. This way, users can be assured that Firebase has secure authentication measures in place.

What is Google Firebase Storage?

Google Firebase allows the storage of user file uploads such as images, audios, videos etc. The Firebase SDK provides a repository to contain these files which can be shared amongst users. These files can also be made private or public, by restricting or granting access to particular users.

What is Google Firebase Remote Config?

The Remote Config feature of the Firebase allows to make updates, resolve bugs or change appearances etc in the app, without having to publish it as a new update and/or asking the client/user to download the update from the app store/play store. This can be achieved by creating in-built app values that manage the functionality of the app.

What is Google Firebase Hosting?

Firebase enables to host and deploy static as well as dynamic web and mobile apps to a global CDN (content delivery network). It provides a secure and authentic web hosting provider for this purpose which deploys apps using a single command.

What is Google Firebase Cloud Messaging and Notifications?

Firebase Cloud messaging service helps you send and receive messages/notifications across different platforms, at ZERO cost. It also provides you the flexibility of sending messages to a single user or send group messages. Messages can also be sent across groups subscribing to particular topics or to a group belonging to a specific area etc. Messages can also be time-scheduled to be sent across to users in their respective time zones.

What is Google Firebase Crash Reporting?

Firebase provides the Crashlytics tool, which is designed to track errors and bugs and present them in detailed reports. This analysis can be used to check the performance of the application by fixing the issues reported by the tool.

What is Google Test Lab?

Firebase has built-in framework for testing the behaviour and functionality of the app across multiple iOS and Android devices. It provides detailed analysis in the form of error logs, screenshots etc.

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Services to grow and invite more business

What is Google Firebase Dynamic links?

Google Firebase implements the concept of Dynamic or Deep Links, where a user accessing a particular web page on a mobile browser or desktop browser, is directly transferred to the related linked section on the app (if the app is installed already on the device). In case the app isn’t installed, the user is prompted for app installation and is immediately fetched to the concerned section on the app, once the app is installed. This helps in user conversion from web users to native app users.

What is Google Firebase Invites?
Firebase allows users to share and refer the app and its contents to other users, by the means of emails and messages. This way, the app can be promoted amongst potential users who can later be converted to app users via dynamic linking process.

What is Google Firebase Adwords, AdMob and Analytics?

Google Firebase Analytics is integrated with Google Analytics, which is an excellent tool for analysing and monitoring the performance of the app. Adwords and AdMob enable the launch of advertising campaigns on Google and help reach target audience via the ads.

What is Google Firebase App Indexing?

By using this feature, it is possible to establish a connection or link between the web app/mobile app and Google. Google indexes these pages and shows them in the SERPs, whenever a user tries to search any content associated with the app.

What is Google Firebase - Summary

Google Firebase offers a complete package of useful and powerful tools required to build an engageable mobile or web app. Additionally, its capacity to process data in real-time is of great advantage while building apps that change data state rapidly. By completely doing away with maintaining and managing server infrastructure, Firebase has become the developers’ favorite.

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