React Native vs Flutter - Which is the Best Framework for my Mobile App?

28 Oct. 2019

React Native vs Flutter

In our previous blog, we learnt in depth about React Native, a cross platform development framework for designing mobile applications. Another accomplished contender of React Native is Google Flutter. Flutter created by Google, is an open source,platform independent framework that enables creation of beautiful UI for mobile apps on multiple platforms.

The React Native vs Flutter war is an ongoing one. Several factors like Flutter vs React native performance, differences in the UI/UX, cost, time, resources etc have to be considered before choosing the required framework for your project.

This article will help you understand the difference between flutter and react native despite having many similarities.

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React Native vs Flutter - Programming language

React Native:
It is based on React.js, which is a JavaScript library designed to build user interfaces. JavaScript enjoys immense popularity and is a widely used programming language, with nearly 70% of developers having worked on it at some point of time. This is a huge advantage for React Native, as JavaScript developers are plenty in the market and learning React Native for them is very basic.

Flutter works on a completely new programming language called the Dart, which is not used extensively outside Google. Although, learning and writing codes on Dart is very easy, it still comes with the task of learning a new language and acquiring the necessary skill set.

Who won ? Flutter vs React Native : React Native clearly seems to have an upper hand over Flutter, all thanks to JavaScript.

React Native vs Flutter - User Interface

React Native:
React Native uses basic components of Android or iOS. The JavaScript bridge invokes the native API’s of the OS to render the actual UI components. Therefore, applications built using React Native, look very similar to native iOS or Android applications. The look and feel is excellent, which makes the user experience less eventful.

Flutter uses its exclusively owned sets of visual and interactive widgets for designing the UI. These are built-in UI components and help create a very flexible and user-centric interface.

Who won ? Flutter vs React Native : React Native offers an enhanced user experience as compared to Flutter.

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React Native vs Flutter - Development Time

React Native:
Being the predecessor, React Native has been around in the market for a substantial amount of time. Also, having JavaScript under its hood, as its programming language, is a huge perk. With readily available reusable components and its super flexible UI, React Native takes considerably lesser time to develop projects. It has consistently emerged as a reliable cross platform mobile application development framework.

Flutter is relatively new and is yet to reach a level where it can be easily recognized and adopted. The development time taken to complete a project is comparatively higher. But, it is slowly making its way up there and is gaining credibility.

Who won ? Flutter vs React Native : React Native,obviously, takes all the credit because of its longer market presence and reusability.

React Native vs Flutter - Performance

React Native:
React Native depends on the JavaScript bridge and native API’s to communicate with the native OS components. Hence, it takes more time in terms of performance speed and running apps.

While Flutter doesn’t have to navigate through any intermediate bridge, its performance is comparatively faster than React to create the apps. The Dart code is instantly converted into a native code, thereby speeding up the process and improving performance.

Who won ? Flutter vs React Native : Flutter, invariably, holds the higher ground when it comes to Flutter vs React Native performance.

Below is a Google Trends survey depicting Flutter vs React native performance.

React Native vs Flutter Survey

Image source:

React Native vs Flutter comparison

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React Native vs Flutter - Which is the best framework for my mobile app?

Based on the above statistics and data, React Native, indisputably, appears to be the stronger contender of the two. Flutter is gradually paving its path to get to the top, has Google’s backing, and certainly has a bright future, but has a long way to go.

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