A sneak peek into Amazon Web Services Cloud (AWS)

28 Nov. 2019

Amazon Web Services Cloud

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The emergence of Cloud Computing has benefitted the software industries big time. Majority of companies have shifted gears to move existing projects on Cloud as well as build new ones on it.

Our previous blog introduced you to Firebase ,an app development platform, that provides multiple services to build a robust web or mobile app. Today let us learn about a powerful Cloud Computing platform called the AWS or Amazon Web Services Cloud.

What is Amazon Web Services Cloud?

“Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow.”

-AWS, a subordinate of Amazon, is a platform that offers comprehensive, on-demand, secure cloud services to individuals and organizations to build, enhance and promote business applications.

-Amazon Web Services cloud provides an extensive package of very useful services which, when collaborate and work with each other, produce highly dynamic applications.

-Basically, AWS enables to create applications on the cloud, store data on a database cloud, distribute and deploy apps on the cloud server, all by means of its wide range of products.

Amazon Web Services Cloud architecture

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What is Amazon Web Services Cloud products?

The Amazon Web Services Cloud presents a vast collection of solutions like Compute, Database, Storage, Content Delivery so on and so forth, on a pay-as-you-use basis. Each of this category has multiple products under its hood for different functionalities.

Amazon Web Services Cloud list

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Below is a summarized detail of various services and their tools.

AWS Compute

1. EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) - This is essentially a web service that allows to create a virtual server on the cloud, that will host and execute the applications within it.
2. Lambda - Lambda enables you to run code snippets and functions on the cloud, based on an event trigger. It eliminates the need of any physical or virtual server, and provides the flexibility of simply executing the code.
3. Elastic Beanstalk - Beanstalk facilitates the deployment of applications on the cloud automatically. It provides various tools like CloudWatch, AutoScaling etc to monitor and maintain the performance of the app.
4. LightSail - This offers you all the services required for deploying the app, maintaining storage, networking etc.

Also, services like EKS (Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes), ECS (Elastic Container Service) for running docker containers, Batch for executing batch processes, Launch Wizard, Parallel Cluster and more, are part of the Amazon Web Services Cloud Compute.

AWS Storage

1. Glacier - Glacier, as a service, enables online file storage for the purpose of data backup and archiving. It is fast and secure.
2. S3 (Simple Storage Service) - S3 provides the infrastructure for object storage like files, documents, videos, images etc. It provides high scalability, security and high performance.
3. Storage Gateway - This services enables on premise virtual access to the cloud storage. It acts as a bridge between the on premise application and the AWS storage framework.
4. Elastic Block Store (EBS) - It is a block level storage that can be used as the main storage for database applications and the likes since they are flexible and scalable in nature.

Electronic File System (EFS), FSx, Snowball etc are some other products that Amazon Web Services Cloud Storage service offers.

AWS Database

1. DynamoDB - Dynamo, a fast and effective NoSQL database, is known for its extremely high scalability and minimal delay latency. It provides quick storage and retrieval capacities even during high volume traffic.
2. Aurora - Aurora is a relational database which is simple and cost effective and has high performing capabilities.
3. RDS - RDS allows setting up the operations for various RDBMS like MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle etc.
4. RedShift - It is a massive AWS data warehouse designed to specially handle huge data sets and parallel processing.

Elasticache, Neptune, DocumentDB, QLDB etc are some more solutions for the Amazon Web Services Cloud Database.

AWS Migration

1. Snowball - Snowball is a cost-effective small application that transfers an enormous amount of data to and from the AWS virtual cloud.
2. Data Migration Services(DMS) - It is a tool that performs on-site database migrations to the cloud. It is capable of same type database migration as well as migration from one type of database to a different type of database migration.
3. Server Migration Service(SMS) - SMS automates the migration of on-premise databases to the cloud.
4. Migration Hub - It is a tool which is used for planning migrations, tracking the status of every migration, etc.

Other services of the Amazon Web Services Cloud Migration include Schema Conversion Tool, Transfer for SFTP, DataSync etc.

AWS Security

1. Identity Access Management - As the name suggests, this service manages the user access, user permissions and credentials etc.
2. Shield - This is a DDoS(Distributed Denial of Service) that essentially shields and protects your application from network attacks.
3. KMS - The Key Management Service enables the encryption of data across the AWS cloud, thereby ensuring the security of data.
4. Inspector- This is an assessment service that monitors the application and identifies loopholes and weaknesses in your application, if any, that may make it prone to hacking or attacks.

Refer the AWS documentation guide for other Amazon Web Services Cloud Security services like Directory Service, GuardDuty, Resource Access Manager(RAM) and more.

AWS Networking and Content Delivery

1. Route 53 - It is a Domain Name System service that provides a way to register domain names and route end users to the application.
2. CloudFront - AWS Cloudfront is a Content Delivery Network that essentially caches user content and delivers it at maximum speed using Edge locations.
3. Virtual Private Cloud(VPC) - It is a dedicated virtual cloud for a particular application, to store resources related to the app, isolated from other resources.
4. API Gateway - Gateway allows the creation and deployment of various APIs, which can access the AWS cloud as well as other web services.

VPN, App Mesh, Cloud Map are additional examples of the Amazon Web Services Cloud Networking and Content Delivery.

AWS Management and Governance

1. CloudWatch - Cloudwatch is a monitoring tool that collects important metrics and data for any platform from the AWS and provides meaningful and useful insights.
2. CloudTrail - CloudTrail offers complete auditing and regulating services of the AWS and its services.
3. CloudFormation - This service gives an entire set of tools for the management of infrastructure for any application.
4. Health - Health provides important information regarding the behaviour and functioning of the site.

The AWS documentation can help you guide about other Amazon Web Services Cloud management tools like Config, OpsWorks, Chatbot etc.

AWS Analytics

1. Athena - Athena is a serverless service that enables the execution of queries on the AWS S3.
2. Kinesis - Kinesis is capable of handling and analyzing real-time data and process huge volumes of data in stipulated time-frames.
3. CloudSearch - This service allows to create a customized search functionality for any application.
4. QuickSight - QuickSight is a BI tool that uses AWS’ SPICE (Super-fast, Parallel, In-memory Calculation Engine) for fast calculations and data processing.
It allows to create visualizations of this data on a dashboard that provides valuable insights.

Data Pipeline, Glue, ElasticSearch etc are further products of the Amazon Web Services Cloud Analytics.

The Amazon Web Services Cloud has several more solutions like the Developer Tools, Media Service, IoT, Mobile etc in its collection. Click here to learn about them in depth.

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Benefits of the Amazon Web Services Cloud

AWS is the preferred choice for start-ups who do not wish to or are unable to incur the huge cost associated with installation and maintenance of data servers. AWS is supremely cost-effective since it completely eliminates the need for large infrastructure. That said, AWS is a total favorite amongst industry giants too. NetFlix was amongst the first users of AWS. Other big names include Apple,Adobe,Airbnb,Tata Motors,GE Oil & Gas,Samsung,Sony and many many more.

AWS offers a comprehensive set of very useful and powerful products that cover all the aspects of building an application. Moreover, its ad-hoc pricing method is beneficial for organizations since it doesn’t bind them with long-term investments. All said and done, AWS is a well-designed end-to-end framework which is trusted by firms world-wide, for their immediate and advanced technical needs.

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