Implementing Multitenancy on Hyperledger Fabric using Kubernetes

26 Feb. 2020

multitenancy on hyperledger fabric main

As a platform for enterprise blockchain solutions to achieve modularity, trust and transparency, Hyperledger Fabric has gained immense traction due to its ability to provide a secure, permissioned and private platform for business transactions. Designed specially to encourage cross industry collaborations, Hyperledger Fabric enabled multiple execution of transactions to enhance system scalability.

In Hyperledger Fabric 2.0, chain code script components are embedded within Docker containers which then have to be installed on each and every peer on the network. Docker swarms or Kubernetes(details below) are then used to deploy these components on the Fabric network.

One of the main functionalities of Hyperledger Fabric includes serving multiple organizations simultaneously. Deploying and managing multitenant Blockchain architectures for concurrent access is quite a herculean and challenging task. Here as well, Kubernetes are used to achieve multitenancy on Hyperledger Fabric for managing multiple Blockchains.

Why is there a need to implement multitenancy on Hyperledger Fabric?

multitenancy on hyperledger fabric architecture

“The term “software multitenancy” refers to a software architecture in which a single instance of software runs on a server and serves multiple tenants. Systems designed in such manner are often called shared (in contrast to dedicated or isolated).”

As we read above, a single Hyperledger Fabric based system is required to serve multiple tenants simultaneously for processing concurrent execution of transactions. But, the development of such a multi-tenant system is a difficult task. There are a couple of architectural requirements that have to be met as below,

Data Isolation & Privacy

Achiveing multitenancy on Hyperledger Fabric demands complete data isolation. The platform has to be built in such a way that one tenant should not be allowed to access other tenant’s data, thus maintaining complete data privacy.

System Performance

Performance of all tenants should be irrespective of each other’s workload. One tenant should not be affected due to higher workloads of other tenants, therefore maintaining enhanced system performance.

System Scalability

Individual tenant scalability as well as scalability with other tenants are the pre-requisites for implementing multitenancy on Hyperledger Fabric. The system should clock minimum latency even for a higher number of tenants and is expected to generate an immediate response even during higher workload.

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How to achieve multitenancy on Hyperledger Fabric using Kubernetes?

multitenancy on hyperledger fabric using kubernetes

“Kubernetes is a platform for automating deployment, scaling, and operations of application containers across clusters of hosts.”

An excellent and powerful platform, Kubernetes is used for processing multiple, concurrent transactions on Hyperledger Fabric. Kubernetes has multiple advantages that makes it the perfect platform for achieving multitenancy on Hyperledger Fabric. Let us see why.

1) Kubernetes enables auto-scaling as well as deployment of multi-container applications.

2) Kubernetes helps your system achieve high availability (HA) round the clock.

3) Kubernetes is a fool-proof platform that is well equipped with container management including deploying, scaling and executing containers of the Hyperledger Fabric.

4) To achieve multitenancy on Hyperledger Fabric, Kubernetes enables the execution of multiple, isolated Fabric instances.

5) Kubernetes balances overload and offers amazing fault-tolerance attributes, which can help ease complicated processes, subsequently reducing cost overheads.

6) Kubernetes not only provides an excellent platform to implement multitenancy on Hyperledger Fabric, but also helps build an application that maintains data integrity, scalability, high performance and cost efficiency.

Read how multitenancy on Hyperledger Cello was achieved.

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Multitenancy on Hyperledger Fabric

Hyperledger Fabric was envisioned to support multiple organizations and multiple channels to simultaneously interact with each other. To bring this into play, implementing multitenancy on Hyperledger Fabric is a must since various channels are integrated into each other. By building a multitenant Hyperledger Fabric platform, it is possible to develop an efficient, performant and well structured application.

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