Yii Framework vs Laravel Framework - Differences You Should Know

01 Nov. 2019

Yii Framework vs Laravel

As most of us are aware, PHP is the most widely used server-side scripting language to build web and mobile applications. Over 75% of websites including giants like Facebook and Wikipedia use PHP as their programming language. There are several PHP-compatible frameworks available in the market, out of which we will discuss about two of the most preferred ones - Yii vs Laravel.

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Yii Framework vs Laravel Framework

Before diving into finding major differences between the two and which is better - Laravel vs Yii - let us understand what are their basic characteristics and how both of them function.

Yii and Laravel have their own set of key features and attributes that make them the two best performing PHP frameworks.


Yii Framework vs Laravel - Yii

-Yii is an open-source framework used for developing web applications. It is an object oriented and MVC (Model-View-Controller) based PHP framework.

-One of the best features of Yii is CRUD generation. Yii uses a special code generator tool called the Gii - web based interface as well as a command line interface - to generate commonly used pieces of code. This helps in swift development and faster performance of applications.

-Writing repetitive codes is completely eliminated as Yii follows the DRY - Don’t Repeat Yourself - rule, enabling structured codebase.

-Yii contains many Ajax-based widgets for data validation.

-Yii provides platform extensibility by making minute changes to the code as well as compatibility of merging third party interfaces.

-Yii enables faster page loading time, thereby increasing website performance.


Yii Framework vs Laravel - Laravel

-Laravel is also an open-source, MVC based PHP framework used for web development. It is based on the Symfony framework - a set of reusable components and libraries - that facilitates creation of high performance applications.

-Laravel is the most expressive and elegant syntax based framework.

-It provides built-in components for commonly used web application tasks such as authentication, caching, sessions etc, which is perhaps its biggest advantage.

-Laravel has excellent database migration systems.

-It provides an efficient API for swift emailing purposes.

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Yii Framework vs Laravel Framework : Key Differences

Above, we learnt about the prime features of Yii vs Laravel. Now, let us understand what differentiates the two and which of them is superior - Laravel vs Yii.

Yii Framework vs Laravel - differences

Yii Framework vs Laravel Framework : Conclusion

Yii vs Laravel , which one to choose? - depends on the requirements of the developer as well as the project. Both have their pros and cons, however are excellent frameworks to be integrated with PHP. While Yii offers higher security and faster performance, Laravel provides an expressive syntax framework. Therefore in this battle of Laravel vs Yii - its the developer’s prerogative to decide amongst the two.

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