Global Accelerated (GA) Ventures is a multinational innovation aggregator that provides insights and solutions to transform enterprises by designing new innovation programs for their products and services. GA Ventures ideates and creates new business ideas for companies with advanced technologies and strategies that enhance enterprise value and guarantee success. Its partners include industry bigwigs like Synechron, Pacira Pharmaceuticals, CDC, Elite, London Stock Exchange and many more.

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  • Venture Studios : This model provides insights to the most critical problems of the enterprises.
  • Tech Research Organizations : This model addresses the technological challenges by implementing a technology development strategy.
  • Thought Leadership : This solution brainstorms the thought process of leaders as to how to sustain and be stable in situations of crisis by educating them about audience, competition, services and business as a whole.
  • Center of Excellence : This model provides guidance for growth where companies can be a part of a community of entrepreneurs, advisors, investors, and key stakeholders.

Industry Models

  • FinTech : GA Ventures applies IBFC principles to transform financial markets with the help of experienced SMEs and industry stalwarts.
  • HealthTech : GA Ventures has developed ML algorithms, AI solutions, and predictive analytics for the healthcare sector which address the obstacles that are faced currently.
  • Conservation : GA Ventures has announced innovation partnerships to create an industry that will impact the earth and will promote planet conservation.
  • EdTech : In partnership with schools, GA Ventures has created Codeskools, a coding academy, as a social development initiative.

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